Garlicky Ivy Gourd (Tendli)

Garlicky Ivy Gourd

This is a very simple way of preparing ivy gourd.  The same can be prepared by making it little spicy by adding little pepper/chilli powder.  But I like it this way.


½ kg ivy gourd (tendli)

1 big pod garlic

3 dry chillies

2tsp olive oil/cooking oil



  • Wash ivy gourd (tendli) and dry them.  Keep them whole but remove the ends very slightly and crush them in the centre.
  • Crush all the garlic cloves.
  • Heat oil in a vessel.   Add the crushed garlic and fry until it becomes light brown.
  • Add the red chillies and fry
  • Add the ivy gourd, fry on very slow fire for some time.
  • Add half cup water and let it cook on low heat until done.

2 comments on “Garlicky Ivy Gourd (Tendli)

  1. Hi ,
    This is my favourite dish too, I have also posted a recipe of Tendle-talasan on my blog


  2. Tendle talasan – my favorite dish!

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