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Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani

½ kg. fish fillet (surmai, hamour)

3 cups Basmati rice

4 onions sliced

2 green chillies

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

½  cup yoghurt

1 tsp coriander powder

½ tsp cumin powder

½ tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp red chilli powder

½ tsp spice powder or garam masala

Coriander and mint leaves

2 tbsp white vinegar

¼  cup milk

Few drops of Yellow colour

Juice of 1 lemon




Apply vinegar to fish fillet and leave it for 10 minutes.

Add turmeric and salt to the fish and leave it for 15 minutes. Then shallow fry fish to lightly golden brown and keep it aside.

Cook basmati rice with salt, cloves and cinnamon and keep aside.

Heat 2 tbsps ghee or oil in a pot.  Fry onions to golden brown.  Remove half of the onions and keep aside.

Add ginger garlic paste to the remaining onions and fry.  Add all the powders, green chilli, yoghurt, lemon juice, salt and stir fry. Add the fried fish, coriander & mint leaves.

Add yellow colour to the milk and mix it lightly into the rice. Layer the rice over the fish, put 2tsp ghee over the rice and close the lid. Let it cook on very low fire for 5 minutes and then put off the fire.

Lastly add the fried onions over it.


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